Music News

11/17/2013 6:16 PM - Great performance in Sahasradeepam event

Congratulations to Nandana, Amrit, Neha, Aditi, Kavya, Rohit, Arvind, Roopa and Ratheesh for a fabulous performance in the Sahasradeepam event, 2013!. Keep up the good work!

4/25/2013 3:25 AM - Student of the month - Sanjana Sivaraman

Congratulations Sanjana for winning the student of the month (April 2013) Award. You have demonstrated mastery of ‘Swara sthanams’ across the board on most of all lessons learned (sarali, jantai, dhattu and the new sthayi lessons), making a great example for others. Keep up the great work and congrats again for a well deserved award!

3/30/2013 8:51 PM - Star student -March 2013

Congratulations Amrit for earning the Star Music Student of the month award. This is an appreciation from the school for your Mastery of the complex "Dhattu" & "Sthayi" lessons (partial) in a short time frame and for doing an outstanding demonstration of the above lessons in multiple speeds to the class. Thanks and keep it up!!

1/13/2013 6:22 PM - Stupendous job -Pongal 2013

Congratulations to Roopa, Arvind, Rohit, Anjali, Kavya, Neha, Nandana, Sanjana,Amrit, Smirthi, Ratheesh for their fantastic Pongal performace (Vedic Center 2013)

5/12/2012 3:37 AM - Day With India performance

We had a lovely time performing on stage for the 2012 Day With India Celebrations! The kids were simply superb and at their best! We certainly won very positive feed back from very many audience as usual!! Keep it up kids, very proud of your accomplishments- Anjali, Roopa, Arvind, Yadu, Kala, Rohit and Sanjana!!!

4/16/2012 5:24 AM - KAGG-2012 Kids Group Song!

Flawless performance by Rohit, Arvind, Kala, Kavya and team!! Great job kids!

1/15/2012 5:56 PM - Awesome Performance - Pongal 2012

Mudra School of Dance and Music congratulates Arvind & Roopa Mahadevan, Yadu and Kala Pillai, Rohit Rajgopalan, Sanjana Sivaraman and Anjali Patnam for their fabulous Pongal Performance! Keep it up kids!!

10/16/2011 3:08 PM - Welcome All New Music Students!!

All, let's welcome our new new Music students - Rohit, Nithya, Roopa, Arvind, Shiva, Shivani, Sanjana, Arjun and Neha - Great start kids, way to go!

Dance News

3/23/2014 4:46 PM - Awesome Performance 2014

Nirali, Alka and Neela, congratulations for an awesome performance in KAGG 2014. Keep up the good work, all your hard work paid off and your learning and skills are being noticed by our community! Keep it up!

11/17/2013 6:20 PM - Graceful and superb dance performance!

Congratulations to Nandana, Aditi, Aparna and Nirali for a beautiful rendering at the Sahasradeepam event. We received so many positive feed back from folks about each one of you. Very proud of you all for a great work!

4/1/2013 3:25 AM - Awesome Kuchipudi Performance -KAGG 2013

Congratulations to Priya, Smirthi, Sanjana, Nirali and Nandana for a fabulous performance at KAGG 2013 Fest. All your dedication and hard work paid off. Nirali's style is clearly improving day by day. Thank you Nirali, keep it up. Excellent job Priya, special thanks to you, for your willingness to learn and master a very challenging piece of work in a short time frame (in spite of the fact that you just essentially started the dance lessons). Once again, congratulations for a great team work.

4/16/2012 5:21 AM - KAGG -2012 Kuchipudi Performance

Amazing performance by Nirali Krishna. Keep it up Nirali! Youe earned a lot of accoldades from the audience!

4/16/2012 5:20 AM - KAGG 2012 - Kids Group Dance

Awesome Folk Dance Performance by Sanjana, Nandana, Adi, Rudran, Abhirami and Anjali, please keep it up and congratulations!

1/17/2012 6:05 PM - Amazing Bharathanatyam performance!

Congratulations to Anjali Patnam for a fabulous Bharathanatyam performance. She performed great on the music item as well. Anjali sets a perfect example for dedication, passion and hardwork and gets the well deserved 'Student of the month' Award from Mudra School of Dance and Music'!!